03 February 2013 @ 12:01 am
oh my god this weekend? well not weekend but friday and saturday (being today)((well now yesterday oop)) WAS SO MUCH FUN.

friday in the morning nothing really happened but i went to disneyland with kate and katie again! we had a lot of fun and i love hanging with them? god i love feeling wanted. there's also fob rumors floating around so i was crying about those on facebook when i found out that makayla likes them too? it snowballed on from there until i was following her on twitter and all this other stuff and it was fun! amanda finally got to newport at like two in the morning and so we talked a bit about how excited we were for saturday but i had to go to bed which was hard because i felt like i could kill a dude? fob and then on top of that amanda was in my own town like???

today was stressful at the beginning like, i was nervous, which i now know was fucking dumb of me but I WAS NERVOUS ANYWAY and i don't even know why? maybe that she was gonna hate me or something. but i met her and we hugged and walked around in circles and holy shit? it was so nice and comfortable like, i've never had silences that weren't at least borderline awkward but it was so fun. she had to leave early cause of richard which made me sad that we only got to hang out for an hour but hey! at least we got to meet! it's nice knowing she's real and stuff like, it's comforting knowing she's a living breathing person and she gave me a pin which i put on my pants like she was some war hero that left me to go off to iraq or something. i gave her the ten dollars i owed her about the whole bailey dating that guy bet and the water got amanda all wet and sandy and she cussed me out but i was peeing from laughing so hard.

when i got home i dicked around? freaked out about meeting amanda on tumblr enough to the point whete bailey unfollowed me. good riddance. amanda was typing out something important to someone and then she went to bed so? i didn't talk to her much which bummed me out but i did go to irvine spectrum with my mom and we ate dinner and i talked about bands and megan and also amanda a little just to clear up the fact that i'm not romantically involved with her or anything. i bought this cute phone case and earphone plug and these emote stickers and a card for megan. i also bought les mis (a really nice leather one) and this skirt with cats all over it. also orange tights. i can't wait to wear them!

but yeah. gavin's not at home so it's been nice. dad's gone too and i sort of miss him? well whatever. i'm going to bed. hopefully megan will still be on board with us hanging i can't wait to give her her book!
Current Music: all these things that i've done - the killers