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tabitha ([personal profile] amporah) wrote2013-12-10 09:25 pm

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i don't think you'll ever know how much you mean to me. i don't think you care either. i just fucking. miss you. you were the only one who ever told me i was beautiful. you kissed and held me like i was a treasure, like you were so lucky to have me. we laughed and talked and cried together and we loved each other and i don't care about anything els e i just want you back ik pathettic and lonely and im so fucking empy iniust want you back pleas e. you sai f forever you promi sed me someday and you went and vroke all those promise s and i fucking. i don 't even hate ou. i hsut hate myself because i wish i ha d done something ther e had to be someyhing i coulrbe done. i don t know what to do do you even wan t me still do you event care. it hurts to think you dont and itlm clscared to do this alon e. i can t do it alon e i cant do it alon e im so fuckin g laone i cant even bre a the the walls are closeling in on m e and inm fucking choking i think an d i cant calm down i fucking nee d you. i tol d you i woildnt do somethin g rash and u have to keep that rpomise i have to sho w you im a good perosn but i can t its so fuckin g ghard i jsu t want to stop breahtjng i cant leav e you your e my everything and im in lov w with you still it s only been a fay but inius t fucking g cant tak e it anymore

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