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tabitha ([personal profile] amporah) wrote2013-02-03 10:15 pm

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i had fun at megan's today. we really didn't do much other than play tons of video games and talk and listen to music. i ate a really good dinner and her mom called me interesting??? i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. but yeah! we went to the goodwill and she bought me this red vans with the 101 dalmations all over them? they're hideously amazing.

me and amanda talked a lot about feelings tonight and? holy shit it was so nice like. we didn't even talk about anything in particular we just kind of rambled and stuff. it makes me really happy that she considers me one of her closest friends because she definitely is one of my best friends in the world.

it sounds odd but i'm glad she wants to be my platonic valentine even if it is a joke. i have all this stationary and these things from the japanese market i've been dying to use so even if she takes it as a joke i'm being hella serious.

ugh i have school tomorrow and a new chem teacher? which i'm very nervous about but! not much can be done about that. my huck finn essays due next week and i still haven't even touched it. so yeah. that's about it

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