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tabitha ([personal profile] amporah) wrote2013-01-31 11:02 pm

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today was??? fun!

my ap euro final was really weird? it was actually easy and aside from the essays i feel like i might have dome good on it? we won't know till later though.

lunch with megan was fun! emily came too, which kinda threw me off at first, but we still had fun. i'm glad i went.

i'm sort of scared she's cutting again but i don't know what to do or how to stop it.
so that was kind of depressing.

after that nothing eventful really happened? my dad left for england which is very bittersweet because i love not having him around but i'll miss him a lot while he's gone.

saturday almost got cancelled which made me want to cry because i was so excited. i hope you're excited as i am.

well i'm about ready to pass out and i am going to disneyland with kate and katie tomorrow! which i'm super pumped for!!!

but yeah! on the morrow and all that jazz

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