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tabitha ([personal profile] amporah) wrote2013-01-30 11:09 pm

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aaaaah finals week is almost over!

i had chem and english and?? i don't know how i did on the chemistry one but english was ok. i'm still kinda stressed about the whole like, huck finn essay, mostly because i haven't even started yet. but i'll probably work on it later.

but chemistry??? was really hard and i'm scared that i did something wrong and her class only has a 4% passing rate. but i'm switching so thank god.

and tomorrow's ap euro? and i'm terrified like seriously i am so scared. i don't wAnt to write essays or do anything like, ugh i've lost all motivation.

but on the plus side? i think you hate me now and i'm just like. thank god.

and then friday is disneyland! and saturday!!! i'm so excited holy shit.

but!!! night

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