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tabitha ([personal profile] amporah) wrote2013-01-27 10:06 pm

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i didn't post on saturday because i can't remember what happened on saturday besides the mikey thing which really bummed me out but! whatever. it's his life but that doesn't make it ok to just cheat on your wife like that but i'm done talking about it.

since i stayed up late all those nights it feel like my weekend's just been eaten alive by some kind of monster. but today i went to the movies and that is really all i did. that and stress about finals.

i'm really worried about my french final because last year i got a C on it. my P.E. final is just running laps which bites but! whatever

tuesday i'm going to lunch with all my friends and then friday is disneyland as a replacement for winter formal and then saturday! which i can't wait for!!!

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