26 January 2013 @ 04:07 am
tonight was really really fun!!!

after school and learning i can't switch my classes (blech) i went to the deli where the really cute asian guy works but he wasn't there but omfg after i went to the gap and bought a bunch of cute clothes I CAN't wait to wear them i love being cute

i'm in a waaaay better mood than i was last night like i don't know if it's cause i didn't do any school work and just cried about bands for 6 hours straight but! i still had a lot of fun

there's only 7 days and i'm so excited but i know you're nervous and i'm scared i'm gonna overwhelm you with my suffocating personality. so i'm sorry if that happens but it's who i am and i can't really control the fact that the moment you start paying attention to me i won't ever leVe you alone
Current Music: crooked teeth - death cab for cutie